Business Services

Executive Benefits: Executive benefit packages can help you attract and retain high-quality talent.  We can help you design and implement supplemental employee retirement plans, fund non-qualified plans, split-dollar plans and more. 

Succession Planning: Most business owners would like the flexibility to retire on their own terms, while making sure the business transfers to family members, key employees, or maybe even a charity of their choice. We can help you determine the financial strategies to make this happen in the way you desire while providing needed financial security. 

Key-person Insurance: Key-person insurance provides a death benefit to indemnify an employer for the loss of one of its most important assets- the key person. This can assist not only in continuity of business but also maintaining access to lines of credit and customers' confidence in your business. 

Funding buy-sell agreements: A buy-sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a business that lays out what will happen if a co-owner dies or leaves the business. A funded buy-sell agreement uses life insurance, to make sure there will be money available to execute the agreement if the event occurs. 

Funding Deferred Compensation: Deferred compensation is a written agreement between an employer and an employee in which the employee chooses to have part of his or her compensation withheld by the employer, invested on their behalf, and distributed at a predetermined time in the future. Deferred compensation can be used as a way to attract and incentivize key employees.